Sharath Chandra

Electronic Arts
4.8 on 19 March, 2019

Ismu Bartli

Senior Enterprise Architect
4.8 on 19 March, 2021

Bob Wilkins

Senior Kubernetes Engineer
4.8 on 1 June, 2021

Chris Ladden

Aquar Works
4.6 on 19 March, 2021


Coagency loved by users & clients world wide

As an Interas consultant at Electronic Arts, I was provided with excellent tools and training by Interas to be successful in my Job. Interas has efficient training programs in place for their consultants to thrive and take on new challenges. I was responsible as DevOps engineer for EA's social platform, managing CICD and Containers on EKS.
Interas consultants were polyglot cloud engineers and architects with expert level skills across a number of DevOps technologies. They acquired a fluency in the AWS technology stack along with substantial proficiency in many relative SDK's, configuration management tools, orchestration utilities, and containers orchestration services like ECS and EKS.
At Interas as an engineer, I am continuously challenged as every project is different and requires me to learn continuously and keep up with new open source technologies. Interas built an extremely good eco system to leverage skills of other engineers when encountering a new domain. I started as AWS engineer but transformed and up-skilled myself in few months into a docker specialist and kubernetes administrator.
Interas consultants worked as an extended team in our re-engineering effort and built server highly scalable Kubernetes platforms on Azure cloud. They were generous with knowledge and accommodated tight deadlines. I was a positive experience and outcome.
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